Anna Bay Beach

The dunes behind Birubi Beach at Anna Bay constitute the largest coastal sand mass in NSW and are a popular spot for activities such as quad-biking, sand-boarding, 4WD touring and camel rides.

Beach fishing and whale-watching are added attractions and just back from the beach is Birubi Beach Holiday Park, with cabins, camping/caravan sites and barbecue amenities. Five minutes’ stroll away is Anna Bay village, which has a supermarket, butcher, fruit and vegetable store, bottle shop and gas station. There are takeaway eateries too and a popular bistro at Anna Bay Tavern. The gourmet cafe located right on the beach suits board-riders who’d rather not stray too far from a view of the waves.

Birubi Beach, part of the 34km stretch of Stockton Bight, is completely exposed to wind and waves, but the extreme northern corner is nicely tucked away from the teeth of the summer sea breeze and it holds nice shape to about three metres. On days with light winds there may be ride-able beach breaks working the entire length of Birubi, although as there are no reefs to speak of it takes favourable sandbanks to shape them.



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